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Do You Know that you can be inffluenced by Demons without knowing it? And there is a Medal that can chase them off?
Friday, 27 January 2006
Worsd of Wisdom
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While most of the world is currently looking for answers and attacking each other over such trivial things like breaking the Da Vinci Code. Here are my words of WISDOM! First there are powers behind the anger that you feel when you wake-up every morning. There are other powers at work trying to bring balance. You must realize where you stand so you can be in balance. The first thing is That there are Evil Forces to do you Harm. A lot of people have chosen to enter thru the wide doors and these same people might be using these evil Powers to reach their goals. That is their decision and will be Judge Accordingly with words like "I don't Know You" Your decision is to protect yourself from these Evil Minions. Realize, Believe and Accept Jesus of Nazareth as your Personal Savior! Go to my page where there is a lot of Info. there: Go to my page where there is a lot of Info. there:
wear the Benedictine Medal. Learn the Exorcism, The Empowerment Prayers etc. Soon you'll become a different person, A Soldier of Christ. Full of Misticism, Voice from the Holy spirit that others are trying to record that i've heard. for an Unknown Agenda, and Power to destroy Invisble Strongholds. The Battle continues but there is Triumph in Jesus Christ (Joshua) of Nazareth!Go to my page where there is a lot of Info. there:

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Updated: Friday, 27 January 2006 12:36 PM EST
Thursday, 26 January 2006
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interesting subject!

Posted by antidemonicpossesion at 10:27 AM EST

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