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What do you think of Violent Videos?
Saturday, 14 January 2006
They say there are evil interests behind the inffluence of people thru violent videos
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Topic: Violent Videos...
They say there are evil interests in trying to confuse people or start some sort of a chaos in order for somone to show up and fix you know! Guess who? the Antichrist!

Posted by antidemonicpossesion at 3:43 PM EST
Have you Noticed a change in your behavior after playing a Violent Video?
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Topic: Violent Video Games!
I've heard a lot of people have turn violent or simple they a more irritable after playing a violent video and not reaching a new stage of the game! any comments? from anyone?Go to My Page for More Insight!

Posted by antidemonicpossesion at 2:44 PM EST
Updated: Friday, 27 January 2006 1:05 PM EST

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